Beginning in the Fall of 2011 I undertook a series of Pop-Up exhibitions featuring underserved but distinguished artists working in eastern Massachusetts. These four day events focus around a lively opening reception. Each is installed in my Boston South End painting studio.
      With the economy taking its toll of several Greater Boston galleries, increasingly, outstanding artists were losing their gallery representation or not being recognized. I felt I needed to step up and bring attention to some very engaging art works no one else was seeing.
      For my Pop-Ups I’ve enjoyed making many studio visits to see ongoing art works and learn of ideas and thoughts shared by the artists. A great deal of planning is required for each exhibition. And each presentation is framed around a single subject or topic.
      My pleasure in creating these short but focused exhibitions is in the aspect of each being my own creation. I do not review unsolicited artwork for the Pop-Ups.

To date since undertaking my first Pop-Up in August of 2011, I have exhibited works by the following artists:

#1 Tied to Paper at 1140 — August 2011
Sarah Hutt
Michael Guran
David Kelley
Lisa Kessler
Kim Pashko
Conley Harris
Elizabeth Shepherd
Henry Hornstein

#2 Transparent — September 22 2011
Anne Neely
Heidi Whitman
Anna Guerra
David Foss
Elizabeth Awalt
Raul Gonzalez
Conley Harris
Karen Moss
Joel Janowitz
Jen Simms
Ivette Sims
Karl Stevens

#3 Candy Colors, But Not Just For Fun — October 13 2011
Ellen Rich
Judy Riola
John Guthrie
Ana Guerra
James Paradis
Lisa Kessler
Reese Inman

#4 Gobs of Lines Some Wet Some Dry — November 17 2011
Jeffery Gibson
Mary O'Malley
Jim Kennedy
Christ Faust
John Guthrie
Brian Corey
Kim Pashko

#5 The Portrait Project: Twenty Two Paintings, Honoring Memory of Howard Truelove
Conley Harris

#6 Drawings Out of Marks — November 2014
Barbara Grad
Chuck Holtzman
Sandra Ellen
Elizabeth Kostojohn
Marketa Klicova
Eugene Dorgan
Linda Etcoff

#7 Transforming and New Considerations — October 19 2016
Leslie Schomp
John Diotalevi
Laura Evans
Conley Harris
Heidi Whitman
Jodi Colella
Meg Alexander